1. What is the Affiliate program and how it works?

Affiliate program is an optimal way of cooperation between advertiser and an owner of advertising tools in Internet.If you use the advertising materials of our Affiliate program, you can use different methods of promotion – banners, textual links, also advertising articles at websites and in blogs.Work with the Affiliate program Slots Partners and you’ll receive an opportunity to earn immediately on inviting the players to popular gambling clubs and also to create you own casino and have an opportunity to promote it up to you.

2. How much can I earn in your Affiliate program?

An answer to this question is individual and only you can answer it.Some of our guests receive 2000$ a week and sometimes even more. The success of this question will depend only on you – your experience, assiduity, desire to earn and work hard. You should keep in mind, that a job of webmaster is a moilsome process, that is not always easy. Learn and don’t forget, that we can always help you. Our Affiliate program has a department, that supports webmasters and our specialists are always ready to help.

3. What kind of promo materials do you provide?

We can provide you with the whole range of promo materials, that helps you to involve new players successfully. We can provide you with different banners of all formats; flash-games, that could be placed on your website or blog in few minutes; different motivating articles and texts. The main advantage of our Affiliate program is constant dynamics and improvement of existing promo products. You have to follow the news. Minimum once a month we add new promo materials, improve and renew existing promo products, announce different offers for players and our clients.

4. I need unique promo materials. Can you help?

Yes, sure! You have to ask Affiliate program’s manager and tell your requests.We often create promo products by request of big webmasters and consulting about necessity of these or that promo materials for each case.We can do the following things in accordance with your request:

  • To write an original review for our gambling club.
  • To draw unique banners.
  • To draw website’s “branding” (change of hat and background from main content).
  • To create unique landing page, etc.

5. How often can I receive money, that I earn via your Affiliate program?

All earned money you can receive directly after each reporting period, from 1 till 15 day of the month and from 16 day till the end of the month. Earned money would arrive to webmaster’s account during 24 hours after report. He can draw any necessary sum on any convenient payment system.Important: we highly recommend not to leave money on your account, to draw after the reporting period, because if the next reporting period will be negative, money would be taken from your account. On the first day of the month negative balance is zeroing, see point 7.

Important: all non active accounts for 6 month would be blocked without returning money on account. Non active are accounts, that were not entered and drafted.
  • Example: in period from 1 till 15 day of the month you’ve earned 100$ via Affiliate program and it will be entered in your account and you can receive on any electronic system, that’s convenient for you.
  • If in period from 16 till the end of the month your Affiliate program showed negative result, for example 40$, and you don’t have time to withdrawal money from balance, money would be withdrawaled from balance and you would have 60$. If you withdrawal money in time and have 0 on balance, you should get minus 40$, but because on the first day there is a zeroing, so you’ll have 0 on your balance.
  • If in period from 1 till 15 or the period from 16 to the end of month you get a negative result, don’t worry, on the 1 it will be zeroing.

6. In which payment systems I can receive payments?

In the moment we do the payment for our partners on these popular payment systems: WebMoney, UMoney, Qiwi, Visa, MasterCard, MIR, USDT TRC with minimal commission for you. Actual commission will be displayed by withdrawal on one of the systems.

7. How is minuses’ write off taking place?

Writing off minuses -procedure of negative partner’s balance zeroing after the ending of reporting period.In case your players won and withdrawal more money, than deposited, your balance becomes negative. In order you can continue work comfortably,after the ending of reporting period all negative accounts will be zeroing. Zeroing taking plac What e once a month, on the first day of the month.

8. What is the minimum amount of payment?

The minimum amount of payment is 10$.

9. What is the ref.code?

In order to trace all types of traffic webmaster shouldn’t create several accounts in the system. It will be enough to create several and to first with their help what kind of banners or type of traffic work better.

10. What do the areas in statistic table mean?

  • Hits – all non unique visitors.
  • Hosts – all unique visitors.
  • Registrations – quantity of new registered players a day.
  • CTR% - correlation of registrations to unique visitors.
  • FD- first deposits, that are made by registrated players.
  • Total players – quantity of players, who are playing on real money.
  • Total deposits – the sum of all players’ deposits.
  • Payments - sum of all payments made for players.
  • Bonuses – sum of all bonuses received by players in real money.
  • Commission of cash desk – commission on receiving money in average is 10%.
  • Casino’s income- casino’s income is from involved by Partner players.
  • Partner’s income - partner’s income from involved by him players.

11. Is not allowed to do?

  • It is prohibited to registrate under your partner’s account as a player. After discovering this breach both accounts would be blocked.
  • Activity, that is directed to deception of Affiliate program. After discovering this breach an account will be blocked.
  • It is prohibited to publish not authentic and unchecked information, in order to mislead players.


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