1. Affiliate program terms

Affiliate program - is a marketing agency, which specializes in involving visitors on client's website, using partner's schemes;

Casino - game clubs, which provide users with services of gambling games online via Internet;

Partner - webmaster (physical person or juristic person), who receives rules and statements of the system and promotes game clubs in Internet;

Players — people, who came to casino’s site using Partner’s link and registered personal account;

Income — partner’s commission percentage of casino’s income from involved by Partner players;

Payment - charge of funds, earned by Partner from inward invoice in affiliate program to any external payment system, supported by Affiliate program;

Report period - timescale, during which earned by Partner money are accumulated and calculated, and transfered to external payment systems;

Advertising materials (promo materials) - instruments, used by the Partners for clients’ services promotion of Affiliate program either in Internet or out of it’s measures.

2. Working rules for affiliate program Slots Partners:

01 Before starting work with affiliate program Slots Partners, each Partner should get aquiented and accept current conditions of Affiliate program.

02 Taking part in Affiliate program, Partner agrees, that current conditions of Affiliate program could be changed without Partner’s early warning.

03 Accepting current conditions of Affiliate program Slots Partners confirms, that he is eighteen or older.

04 Partner is fully responsible for safety of personal confidential data, using for entrance in Affiliate program Slots Partners (login and password). Affiliate program is not responsible in case the Partner looses personal confidential data.

05 Affiliate program Slots Partners reserves the right to refuse cooperate with any partner without explaining the reasons.

06 Affiliate program Slots Partners reserves the right to make changes in rules of Affiliate program. The current rules are published at program’s site. There is no chronology of changing rules in Affiliate program.

07 Participants of Affiliate programare not allowed to have gambling accounts in casino. In case of such situations' revealing, the Partner's account will be blocked as well as casino player's account with total cash withdrawal from the accounts. This rule spreads equally on people, who personally knows the Partner.

08 Affiliate program provides graphical materials, but not textual maintenance. Partners are allowed to use the information in their own interpretation, which is available at website and casino’s lobby. Texts from the website, that are just copied as they are, could lead to canceling the partnership with the Partner.

09 Participants of Affiliate program are not allowed to use the so called staffing cookies:

  • To open casino’s sites in iframe with 0 size or invisible area.
  • To install cookies by scripts, tags (for example, img) and all other means, except opening Casino’s pages in visible for player area.

10 Participants of Affiliate program are prohibited click fraud – fraudulent actions, that are leading to competitor advertising budget's spending in any display.

11 Affiliate program reserves the right freeze Partner’s payments if the administration of Affiliate program or casino’s administration have reasons to think, that the Partner broke the working rules of Affiliate program. Payments can be frozen for any period until clearing circumstances. In accordance with the examination’s results the Affiliate program reserves the right to blockade partner’s account without payments in case, if the Partner broke rules of work with Affiliate program.

12 Affiliate program reserves the right to blockade the partner’s account for public slander and insulting of support’s service and administration of Affiliate program.

13 All inert accounts, accounts without any entrance are blocked for six months. Account’s balance is zeroing without an opportunity to restore.

For breaking current rules and conditions of cooperation, the Affiliate program reserves the right to close personal partner’s account in Slots Partners system without further payments and explanation of blockade's reasons.

3. Commission structure of Affiliate program::

1 RevShare or other words of income. The partner’s earnings are formed due to the share of the casino from the players given by this partner. The percentage of income depends on the number of the first deposits received in the reporting period by the partner and amount to 20 to 55% of the net income of the casino, with the exception of Chardzhbekov, commissions and bonus accruals:

  • 20% from casino’s income – zero first deposits in reporting period;
  • 30% from casino’s income- up to 10 first deposits in reporting period;
  • 40% from casino’s income- up to 50 first deposits in reporting period;
  • 50% from casino’s income- up to 100 first deposits in reporting period;
  • 55% from casino’s income- from 100 first deposits in reporting period;;

2 CPA program is individual, it activates after negotiating the terms with manager and presumes the payment in amount of 150$ for an active player according to traffic’s quality..

3 Hybrid program, that stipulates payment either as CPA part (flat-rate charge) or RevShare (% from income). An amount of RevShare part as well as CPA part is discussed with a manager..

4. Order and calculation terms with a Partner:

  • Reporting period, distinguished by Affiliate program Slots Partners, is equal half of a month (usually 15 days): from 1 till 15 day of the month and from 16 till 30(31) day of the month inclusive.
  • Extra fees for previous reporting period are made during 1-2 days, starting from the first day of the next reporting period.
  • Withdrawal of earned funds can be ordered any time in relevant part of Affiliate program.
  • Request for withdrawal of earned funds is processed quickly, but can continue up to 24 hours from the moment of request’s creating.
  • Minimal payment from partner’s account is 10$.
  • Systems, that are available for withdrawal: WebMoney, ЮMoney, Qiwi, Visa, MasterCard, МИР, USDT TRC.
  • Actual commission will be reflected during withdrawal of funds by chosen method.

Partner’s payments could be not paid in terms because of traffic's sources examination of new partners or because of suspicious activity of Partner’s players. Payments can also be delayed on weekends or holidays.The term of payments (Hold) is determined by administration of Affiliate program to it’s discretion.

In the first reporting period of the month (each 15 day) there is extra fee of negative balance (if it is present).We recommend not to leave money on your account, because in case of negative financial result, minus would be deducted by the system from your income.In the second reporting period of each month (each first day) zeroing of negative balance takes place.

If the Partner’s account is not active more than 6 months, the money at the account can be blocked or deleted from Affiliate program.

5. Privacy policy and non-disclosure of personal information:

Affiliate program Slots Partners is interested in saving confidence of user’s personal information and also in saving user’s anonymity.Data, that are transmitted to Slots Partners, are available only user’s personal using and processing inside of Affiliate program.


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